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Slippers by Kene

Its amazing how much detail Kene pays while making her famous ankara slippers. Every stitch, embellishment and curve is done in perfection.

Ankara vs Tie-Die

Contrasting Ankara with fresh fabrics Mina Evans makes refined Ankara shirts for men that are irresistible. She diverts to show us the allure of Tie-dye fabrics in her collection called ‘Twisted Romance’.
Check it out!!!

ankara shirtankara shirtred ankaraankara shirt

tie-dietie-die purple pantsgreen tie diegreen tie-dieyellow tie-dieyellow tie die

Ecowas Fashion Show

The Ecowas Fashion Gala Night showcased in a glitz event collections from various designers in West Africa-8th Republic, Conrege Certs, Keto Couture, Pieces Collection, House of Farrah, Sally Intiego, House of Jola, Hollerose and Pathe O’. From minimalist to edgy looks, the ready to wear collections from these designers played with loads of ankara, lace and selective prints. The fashion show was utterly elegant. You will love my backstage photos with the models!
joan okorodudumiss ecowasstylistankara style, male

Gele Obsession(2)

In Damask, Aso-Oke or any luxe fabric, wearing a Gele Head-wrap is sure to make you look so gorgeous. These Gele Styles from Nadine Beauty Studio are tied to perfection in design, colour, layers and wrap. Be inspired!!!
red gelered geleyellow geleblue geleblue gelegreen geleyellow gelered gele

blue gelegreen gelegrey gelegrey geleblue geleorange geleyellow gelepeach gelered gelepeach gelered geleorange gelegold geleblue geleblue gelered gelegreen gelered gele

Duaba Sarwa

Duaba Serwa is a luxe Ghanian fashion brand for the daring and sophisticated woman who desires rich colours and contemporary cuts. These styles are sure to make you the center of attention. d99d11d88d55d44d33d66d221

Dzyn Couture

Dzyn Couture let me explore their store and I came up with this photographs which I took myself. With a luxe blend of fabrics in minimal and extraordinary styles, these designers are sure to keep you amazed.d3ankara gownsd7pink ankara gown

ankara skirtd001d003d2


MODELS: Watti and Amma

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